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Photon Water & Photon Remediation

Photon Water - Sustainable Water and Remediation Solutions

Photon Water, a subsidiary of the Photon Energy Group, delivers innovative water treatment solutions in synergy with renewable energy. The flexibility of off-grid or hybrid energy, combined with tailored water solutions, supports ESG initiatives and ensures uncompromised water quality and environmental preservation.

Photon Water offers comprehensive remediation solutions, encompassing PFAS and contaminated soil & groundwater remediation, surface water treatment and resource management, including lakes and industrial water bodies. Our solutions are designed to have a positive impact on water quality and the environment while minimizing secondary waste. Techniques like chemical-free ultrasonic algae control target toxins at a molecular level, preserving natural ecosystems.

Our approach at Photon Water is rooted in a scientific and holistic perspective. We assess the complete project cycle, including downstream consequences, to ensure that our solutions deliver both practical and environmental benefits from concept to completion.


On a global scale, with hazardous contamination threatening valuable surface and groundwater supplies, taking urgent and resourceful action is imperative for sustainable water management. Photon Water addresses this need by transitioning from traditional pump and treat filtration to mobile off-grid systems. Our long-term solutions encompass electrochemically enhanced in-situ remediation and innovative iron-based suspension injection, guaranteeing contamination containment and removal without harmful by-products and with energy neutrality.

Since 2021, we've partnered with the Australian Government Department of Defence for PFAS nanoremediation, and we're expanding into Asian, US, and European markets. Our extensive expertise is now offered under the new brand, Photon Remediation.



The Carus story is one of innovation. We have enjoyed over a century of growth and success in Illinois’ Starved Rock Country, and we attribute this longevity to continued research and development, with an emphasis on technical support and customer service. We continue to evolve to meet the growing needs of our customer and our world. Today, we manufacture a range of products for the municipal and industrial markets, and the majority of Carus products are used in environmental applications.

Carus is a family-owned company founded in 1915 by Dr. Edward Hegeler Carus. During its history the company become the world leader in manganese, oxidation, permanganate, catalyst and blended phosphate technologies. Carus LLC’s vision reflects a long-term commitment to serve their customers. As a member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), Carus LLC takes great pride in its commitment to Responsible Care®, an integral initiative of the ACC, fosters involvement in the community and continuous improvement in environmental, health, security.

Today, Carus LLC manufactures a range of products for the municipal and industrial markets with the majority products used in environmental applications for water, air and remediation. For air treatment, Carus manufactures a series of manganese-based catalysts, called CARULITE® catalysts. These Hopcalite® type catalysts (manganese dioxide/copper oxide) are used for breathable air purification, emission air purification, and process air purification.

For corrosion, sequestration, etc., Carus has a complete line of over 70 uniquely formulated phosphate blends designed to effectively control corrosion, anti scaling, lead and copper control in a wide range of water quality. These products help clean, maintain, and extend the life of system infrastructure including mains, service lines, valves, meters and household plumbing.

Carus Europe is a CARUS LLC’s branch to serve Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets having expertise in all markets described.

Carus - Remediation

In the 1990s Carus enters the soil remediation market with technology that treats chlorinated ethenes (carcinogens found in
degreasers and dry cleaning solvents), cleaning polluted land so it is once again safe for use.

Carus has been providing In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) technologies for remediation projects across the world. Back in the
2010, we were able to integrate bioremediation and In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) technologies into our offering of solutions for contaminated sites. In addition to the products that we manufacture, Carus has partnered with premier companies that support our clients with feasibility studies and dose calculations for their sites.

Carus offers different technologies like In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO), Aerobic Bioremediation, Chemical Reactive Barriers
and Biological Reactive Barriers with a wide product portfolio to face challenges like chlorinated solvents, petroleum
hydrocarbons, phenols, free phase, low permeability soils, high velocity aquifers, heavy metals, etc. Our products have been
successfully applied at thousands of sites throughout the world.

We are working with most of the European oil companies to solve their soil and groundwater contamination issues with a
completer range of solutions including surfactants for soil flushing and push pull operations, oxidizers for In Situ Chemical
Oxidation, reagents for bioremendiation enhancement and contaminants adsorption products. Our technologies are effective
on crude oil, refined and intermediate products, ethers (MTBE/ETBE), phenols, H2S,Benzene, Toluene, xilenes and many other
contaminants originated by the oil industry. Our reagents are used in oil fields, oil refineries/petrochelmical plants, oil depots
and retail stations.



All the Elements for a Better World

Albemarle leads the world in transforming essential resources into critical ingredients for mobility, energy, connectivity, and health

From our strength in Bromine and Lithium specialties, we partner with customers to pioneer new ways to move, power, connect and protect with people and planet in mind.


As a values-driven company, we understand it is no longer enough to build things better, stronger and faster. We have to be cleaner, safer and smarter. Through the world’s most diverse and reliable supply chain, we adapt, manage and utilize our world’s most essential resources to create the greatest value out of every molecule. Because to help lead the way in progressing modern living, we have to also lead the way in safe and responsible operations.


We are committed to building a more resilient world.