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Call for Contributions: Aquaconsoil 2023 in STOTEN

We are excited to provide you an exceptional opportunity for you to contribute to the esteemed journal, Science of the Total Environment (STOTEN). As Aquaconsoil 2023 we can contribute to an edition, with the proposed title "Towards Sustainable Soil-Water-Sediment Systems: Remediation, Circular Economy, and Climate Resilience", where we aim to bring together cutting-edge research and innovative solutions at the nexus of soil, water, and sediment systems.

This issue will provide a platform to showcase your research and insights of AquaConSoil 2023 in an influential international journal, helping to advance our understanding of these critical systems and their role in achieving sustainability goals.

We invite you to contribute your research papers, reviews, or innovative solutions gathered at our conference.


Key Themes of the Issue:

  1. Circular Economy and Resource Recovery
  2. Climate Adaptation and Mitigation
  3. Sustainable Remediation and Pollution Prevention
  4. The Digital Frontier
  5. Complexity Management


We invite you to contribute your research papers, reviews, or innovative solutions that align with any of these themes. Your valuable contributions will help shape the discourse on sustainable soil-water-sediment systems, providing guidance for future research, policy, and practice.

To express your interest in submitting a contribution, please provide by no later than Friday 6th October 2023, the following details to

  1. Tentative title of your paper presented at AquaConSoil 2023
  2. Names and affiliations of all authors.
  3. Corresponding author’s email adress


Submission Guidelines:

  • Manuscripts should be prepared according to the STOTEN guidelines, which can be found on the journal's website.
  • When submitting your manuscript, please select the special issue "ACS2023" in the journal's online submission system.
  • The submission deadline for this special issue is 30 December 2023.


Please note that all submitted manuscripts will undergo rigorous peer review to ensure the highest scientific quality and relevance to the special issue.

We encourage you to share your expertise and insights with our global community of researchers, practitioners, and policymakers dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of our planet's natural resources.


If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

We look forward to your active participation in this issue, and we are confident that your contributions will enrich the discourse on sustainable soil-water-sediment systems.