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Special session material

Some special sessions supply material to study beforehand. Check it out below!


Decision Support Framework for risk management of persistent, mobile and toxic chemicals in a circular economy


What this session offers you:

  • Learn about the latest developments regarding PMT substances
  • Discuss your data needs for your work with PMT substances
  • Test and provide feedback on a prototype for a decision support framework
  • Network with stakeholders and other organizations


This decision support framework is being developed as part of the EU funded project PROMISCES. For more information, visit our website at


The GroundWater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool (GWSDAT) is a user friendly, open source, decision support tool for the analysis and reporting of groundwater monitoring data. More information can be found at with selected case studies here. GWSDAT can be downloaded and installed from and  The online version is available here. To get started visit here. The user manual is available here  and a previously recorded webinar here.


Borehole HRSC tools is a quick reference to the tools covered in the session. For a more information, please visit”


In 2021 the authors (Margot de Cleen and Martin Doeswijk) of this Green Paper worked together intensively as members of the organising committee of the AquaConSoil conference. After the 2021 edition, they were motivated that the knowledge and actions
coming out of the conference can provide an incentive to further improve upon in the upcoming conference in Prague in 2023, and can contribute to achieving the goals set in this strategy.

With this Green Paper the authors are aiming to present the larger context of the urgent necessity for healthy soils. They will make a connection with the EU Soil Strategy and Mission. This green paper is not a set proposal, but a starting point for debate and discussion and you are warmly invited to participate.

Link to paper: Green Paper: The urgent necessity of healthy soils