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The digital age has brought significant advancements in the way we manage water and soil resources. Digital technologies, such as sensors, data analytics, and modeling tools, are increasingly being used to monitor and manage water and soil resources. For instance, sensors can be used to monitor soil moisture and nutrient levels, enabling farmers to optimize irrigation and fertilizer application.

Moreover, data analytics and modeling tools can help in predicting water availability, identifying areas at risk of drought or flooding, and developing effective strategies for managing these risks. In addition, digital technologies can facilitate data sharing and collaboration among stakeholders, enabling better decision-making and resource management. The use of digital technologies has the potential to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability of water and soil management, leading to better outcomes for both the environment and society.


a.  Big data, digital twins, advanced system modelling of the interactive soil-water system

b.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deal with complex soil-water systems at various scales

c.  New digital technological developments and tools (e.g. drones, online smart sensoring, in situ sensors)

d.  Digital approaches to integrate soil- water- and sediment management

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