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New Chair for AquaConSoil

During AquaConSoil 2023 in Prague the chairmanship of AquaConSoil transferred from Huub Rijnaarts to Frederic Coulon.

Fred has a clear vision for the future of the conference: "I envision the Aquaconsoil conference as a catalyst for environmental innovation and stewardship, a platform where experts, regulators and public unite to discuss and explore sustainable solutions, mitigations and adaptation for soil, water and sediments resources."

With this, he looks forward to his role as chairman: "My role is to assist, inspire and foster dialogue. Together we shape a future where science, technology, policy and public engagement contribute to sustainable use and management of our precious ecosystems and resources."

We express our gratitude to Huub for not only laying the solid foundation of AquaConSoil, but also for the inspiration and innovative ideas he brought to the AquaConSoil team.