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AquaConSoil 2025

AquaConSoil2025 will take place in Liège, Belgium. In the heart of the 'ardent city' the next edition will be hosted by the University of Liège. Make sure to mark your calendar from 16 to 20 June 2025, because together with the team in Liège we are preparing a rich programme of exchanges, visits and festivities for this special 40th anniversary edition of the conference.

This edition promises to uphold the tradition as Europe's largest conference focusing on applied knowledge in the management of soil-water systems, while introducing new and innovative components.


AquaConSoil is a biennial event where scientists, policymakers, decision-makers and industry representatives converge to learn, share insights, and engage on the sustainable use and management of soil, sediment, and water resources.  
Since its inception in 1985, AquaConSoil advanced from established itself as a premier platform for knowledge dissemination and collaboration. 

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