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Water and soil resource recovery is a critical aspect of the Circular Economy and the European Green Deal. The Circular Economy aims to reduce waste and promote resource efficiency by reusing, repairing, and recycling materials. Water and soil resource recovery is a key element of this approach, as it seeks to recover and reuse water and soil resources, thereby reducing the need for new resource extraction.

The European Green Deal also places a strong emphasis on resource efficiency and circularity. It aims to create a sustainable and resilient economy by promoting the efficient use of resources, reducing waste, and promoting the use of renewable resources. Water and soil resource recovery can help to achieve these objectives by reducing waste, promoting resource efficiency, and enhancing the sustainability of water and soil management. This can lead to significant environmental benefits, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved water quality, and increased biodiversity.


a.  Enabling circularity routes in soil-water-sediment systems

b.  Artificial recharge and irrigation of used water to increase water storage to adapt to climate change

c.  Feedback of wastewater systems to soils for agricultural purposes

d.  Re-use of soils and sediments

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