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AquaConSoil is a bi-yearly gathering where scientists, policymakers, decision-makers, and industry representatives converge to explore, exchange, and engage in discussions surrounding the sustainable utilization and management of soil, sediment, and water resources.

Since its inception in 1985, AquaConSoil has attracted approximately 800 attendees from across Europe and beyond, establishing itself as a premier platform for knowledge dissemination and collaboration.

Today, AquaConSoil boasts a dynamic community of established scientists, thought leaders, policymakers, and experts, continually expanding with the inclusion of emerging young professionals.

We invite you to join us in sharing your insights and fostering collaborative efforts towards innovative solutions, not just as an attendee, but as a valued member of our community dedicated to driving positive change.

Fred Coulon - Chair of AquaConSoil

"Aquaconsoil is a catalyst for environmental innovation and stewardship, a platform where experts, regulators and public unite to discuss and explore sustainable solutions, mitigations and adaptation for soil, water and sediments resources."



In addition to addressing issues related to contaminated soil, water, and land, our conference program encompasses a wide range of topics, including the interconnectedness of the soil-sediment-water system with social challenges and global goals such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Themes such as land stewardship, ecosystem services, circular economy principles, digital opportunities, and the intersection with social, financial, legal, and policy aspects are carefully curated to provide a comprehensive understanding of sustainable resource management.

A short history 

Originally known as ConSoil, the conference initially focused primarily on contaminated soils. However, in the past decade, our scope has expanded significantly. Since the Barcelona conference in 2013, AquaConSoil has emerged, symbolizing our commitment to systems thinking and holistic approaches to the sustainable use and management of soil, water, and sediments.


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Frederic Coulon Chairman AquaConSoil

Sophie Moinier +31 (0)88 335 7713 Head of Department Subsurface and Groundwater Quality at Deltares

Siem Jansen +31 (0)88 335 8213 Project Manager AquaConSoil

Brigitte Verhagen +31 (0)88 335 8114 Event Manager AquaConSoil