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Below you will find the presentations of AquaConSoil 2023. We may only share presentations for which we have received approval from the presenter.


Soil passports in the Netherlands – an instrument for the circular economy

Michiel Gadella - Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management


LIFE NARMENA: Nature based remediation techniques for heavy metals in sediment - constructed wetlands

Axelle Mineur - ABO-group


In-situ soil remediation at lowpermeability sites using the hydraulic/pneumatic fracturing (FRACIN) approach

Ondřej Lhotský - Dekonta, a.s.


Innovative ZVI application for sustainable remediation of chlorinated solvent plumes

Kirsten Rügge - COWI


Remediation of vinyl chloride in organic sediments using Hot Air Sparging

Per Johansson - WSP Sverige AB


In Situ Metal Precipitation: A pilot test on In Situ Metal Precipitation (ISMP) at an industrial site in Flanders

Dirk Paulus - Tauw


Development of a robust analytical protocol for PFAS contamination in soil and groundwater by the LIFE Capture project

Axelle Mineur - ABO-group


GreenCat - A Sandbox Experiment for Evaluating the Degradation of Chlorinated Solvents with a Catalyst Made from Waste Materials in an artificial confined aquifer

Anton Grønne Kühl - GEO


Emerging technologies for an emerging contaminant: Practical Drivers for PFAS Remediation

Jim Fenstermacher - Ramboll


Testing innovative technologies to enhance PFAS polluted groundwater treatment – The LIFE SOuRCE Project

Carme Bosch - Eurecat


Experience with PFAS as secondary component in pump-and-treat plants

Niels Døssing Overheu - Region Hovedstaden


Remediation of water from per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) with advanced oxidation processes: a comparative study of ozonation and photocatalysis

Anastasios Melitsiotis - Forth Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences


Introducing Environmental Twins - A central insight in a (bio-)diverse environment

Joep Kelderman - Tauw


Remediation of oil-drilling cuttings with ozonation in bubble flow reactors, and process simulation with a machine-learning approach

Christos Tsakiroglou - Forth Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences


Remediation of Chlorinated Ethenes Plume in Denmark by Retardation and Enhanced Biodegradation – Lessons Learned

Nina Tuxen -Capital Region of Denmark