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Mar 2, 2021

Topic 5 - Sustainable remediation technologies in context of the European Green Deal and energy transition

vanleeuwen Lres

Sustainable remediation technologies in context of the EGD and energy transition

The advances in remediation technologies for existing and emerging contaminants remain of high interest for AquaConSoil, especially in the context of the European Green deal and the energy transition. This theme aims to exchange the progress in remediation technologies that reduce the carbon footprint. New technologies and inspiring examples are welcome for measuring and monitoring, smart combinations to reach multiple (environmental and societal) goals, cheaper and more effective and environmentally safe and friendly solutions.

Topics under this theme are:

5a) New low-carbon solutions for conventional and emerging contamination

5b) Advances in measuring and monitoring and the data expansion of contamination

5c) Dealing with information on, and action perspectives for, emerging and diffuse contamination

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