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Feb 24, 2021

Red Line 2021-2022

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Strong connections for sustainable use and management of soil, sediment and water resources

We live in a time of transitions, facing and dealing with climate change, population growth and many other challenges. The awareness grows that a healthy soil-sediment-water (SSW) system is fundamental to overcome societal challenges and meet societal needs. To retain and promote a vital and healthy soil-water system and at the same time facilitate these transitions, we need to connect:


  • Science, policy, practice and citizens
  • Students, young professionals and experienced professionals


  • The soil-water system and societal challenges, needs and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • Financial, legal, and organizational institutions and arrangements

Approaches and opportunities

  • Smart approaches, including data, information, technologies, models and instruments
  • Shared objectives and business opportunities to new business cases


  • Local, regional scale and countries and continents
  • Operational, tactical, strategic level: short, mid and long-term actions, policy and goals

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