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Sep 11, 2023

ACS 2023 - Topic 5 - Tools and Systems Thinking Approaches to manage complexity in sustainable soil-water-sediment systems

Topic 5 - 2023

Managing sustainable soil-water-sediment systems is a complex challenge that requires a holistic approach. These systems are interconnected, and changes in one component can have far-reaching impacts on the others. To manage this complexity, tools and systems thinking approaches can be used. These approaches involve considering the system as a whole and identifying the interconnections between different components.

Tools and systems thinking approaches can help in managing the complexity of soil-water-sediment systems sustainably. These approaches involve considering the system as a whole and identifying the interconnections between different components. This understanding can help in developing strategies that consider the broader impacts of any intervention, rather than just focusing on individual components. By using tools such as modeling, simulation, and monitoring, it is possible to assess the impact of different interventions and identify the most effective solutions for managing these systems sustainably.


a.  Assessment techniques (LCA, MCA, Carbon Credits, Global Footprint on soils etc.)

b.  Governance and management (long term land stewardship, includes landfills, formerly contaminated sites)

c.  Combined social and natural science-based approaches (cross sectoral collaborations, living labs, citizen inclusiveness and behavioural science)

d.  Understanding soil ecosystems, characterizing, and valuing biodiversity, intrinsic and above ground

e.  Soil quality indicators, biodiversity and ecosystems services

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