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AquaConSoil 2021 sponsoring options

In 2021 there will be many opportunities for companies to show what they’re working on and to reach out to delegates.

Please find below a menu with options on how to contribute and reach out to our delegates





Logo on website

€ 1.000,00


Sponsor part of the programme (side events)

€ 500,00

+ extra costs for organizing the event

Logo below news flash

€ 1.500,00

Exposure to 3000 people on AquaConSoil mailing list

Social media exposure

€ 500,00

Per message

Virtual excursion or other promo video during AquaConSoil

€ 1.500,00

This will be available in our cinema, which is accessible at any time by delegates

Offer live excursions for local colleagues, branded as part of AquaConSoil

€ 500,00

Only if in line with COVID-19 measures. Promotion by ACS on website and during focus week

Logo on start slide online sessions at AquaConSoil

€ 1.000,00


Donate a prize for our pub quiz


Only available in combination with other options


Let us know what you think and how you would like to contribute! New ideas are also welcome.

Send an email to if you are interested or if you would like to have more information.

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December 13, 2021

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December 8, 2021

Winner AquaConSoil 2021 photo-exhibition and contest

AquaConSoil has related its photo contest with the theme “from impacted soils to soil with impact” to #WorldSoilDay 2021.
The winner of the photo contest is Claire Faucheux from GEOVARIANCES.  

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